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Get Seen Online and Boost Brand Awareness With Social Media Marketing

Holding attention: the key to customer relationships

Grabbing eyeballs has never been as personal or competitive as it is now in your handheld phone. Eighty percent of U.S internet users interact with social media sites, and the amount of time spent on these sites is higher than ever, averaging about 95 minutes per day. These platforms offer a huge potential audience for your business to boost brand awareness and expand its reach.

Businesses who own and manage their presence on social media sites unlock a great opportunity to interact with consumers on a more personal level. These types of interactions not only build brand awareness, but they also build consumer trust, which feeds into brand loyalty.

Create a Personality with Social Media Marketing

Stop boredom and 'promotion-blindness'

Have you noticed that lately customers seem to care less about what your business does and more about what it stands for? Increasingly, consumers want to connect with the brands they purchase from on a personal level. Not just a sales announcement. Social media marketing offers an opportunity to do just that. It gives your brand a personality that consumers can connect with on a level that creates trust.

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Avoid the Trap of In-House Social Media Management

Because social media has become such a common part of everyday life, it’s common for business owners to take their social media management in-house or to outsource it to a friend or relative. However, this is not usually the cost-saving measure it’s perceived to be and can do more harm than good. Visual consistency matters! Alignment with your audience will build or tear down your online presence.

An example of an effective social media post with an image and graphic


Ensure Your Message Is On Point

When you count on our team for social media services, you can rest assured that your message is resonating with your audience and consistently reflecting your brand’s values and mission. We take the time to get to know everything we can about your business and your brand, so we can curate a customized posting calendar that yields the brand awareness you’re looking for. From there, you can be as hands-on or hands-off—as you want to be. We’ll create monthly posting calendars that you can approve ahead of publishing, and we will always welcome your input to evolve your posting strategy or highlight different components of your business

A spreadsheet outlining a content marketing calendar prepared by Anchor Wave

If you’re ready to focus on long-term success for your digital marketing

Book a strategy session with our team to discuss your social media management needs.

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