Pay Per Click (PPC)

Get Seen on Google Fast With Pay-Per-Click Ads

Be in the right place at the right time!

Your local business has plenty of competition. You may be up against national competitors with deep pockets for advertising along with other small businesses who are investing in digital marketing campaigns themselves. How is your business expected to compete?

PPC services can help your business get seen in the right place, at the right time. PPC ads, or Google Ads, position your business at the top of search results pages among paid results that are featured in the most prominent real estate on the page. Google Ads also allow you to advertise throughout the Google Display Network, so you can stay top of mind with consumers who have already encountered your ads or visited your website.

Are Google Ads Worth the Investment?

You need new leads today, not several months from now. PPC ads help you get seen right away, so you can boost awareness of your business and close sales sooner.

Consider this:

In other words, when most people search for different products and services in their area, they will click on a paid ad rather than organic search results. That means that PPC ads do a great job at targeting consumers who are ready to make a purchase or plan to make a purchase in the near future.

Successful PPC Campaigns Are All About Timing

Awareness – Consideration – Decision

Not all PPC agencies consider the buyer cycle when they design PPC ads. Therefore, ad performance may fall short. With Anchor Wave, our team will work hard behind the scenes to ensure that your ads target clients in the right phase of the buyer cycle. From awareness to consideration to the final decision, we meet your clients where they are with messaging that speaks to their current needs.

Understanding the buyer cycle is key to designing effective ads. Our team will help you run campaigns that target each phase of the cycle, so that you can increase awareness of your business, let customers know what sets you apart, and close sales consistently.

Anchor Wave
vs. other PPC Agencies

You're going to notice the difference...

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Are PPC Ads Worth the Investment?

Find the right PPC Agency!

Small businesses must be choosy about where they put their advertising dollars, which is why it’s so important to seek out the right PPC agency.

Here at Anchor Wave, we have a subject expert in Google Ads to ensure quality and to stay on top of the ever-changing best practices. We also have the expertise to know which industries PPC is likely to benefit the most.

Not all industries will see the same ROI from Google Ads, so we will ensure that you are putting your ad spend in the right place with our proven framework.

Get results like these:

Buyer Cycle:


391 Leads and 8.76% Click Through Rate was reached, creating new seasonal opportunity.

Buyer Cycle:


63% increase in leads was generated for new customers considering purchase decisions.

What Will Your Campaign Include?

We’ll create your campaign with a personalized and strategic approach. We apply a formula that works and is customized to each client’s specific brand voice and evolving customer needs.

Here's what you get:



Speak your customers' search language

PPC ads target specific keywords so that relevant ads are seen by people who are looking for the products and services your business provides. We’ll do the research to discover which terms your target clients are searching for online, so you can be seen in those search results.

Keywords and cost information on a graph in the Google Ads platform



Make ads that make an impact

We’ll make game-changing advertisements for your business, and constantly refine them to give you results.

A google search showing the effective use of keywords for a catering company


Landing page Development

Bring potential leads to a page that converts

What happens after someone clicks on your ads? If you’re with us, they’ll find a landing page optimized to convert them into a lead. We create, refine, and optimize landing pages to bring potential leads right to you.

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Ready to Get Your Business Seen Online?

If you’re ready to reap the benefits of PPC advertising, book a strategy session with our experts today.

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