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Location is everything, and that’s especially true when you’re thinking about online marketing. After all, you don’t need web users on the other side of the country (or even the world) to know about your business. You need the attention of users in your own backyard! Local SEO is the strategy for putting your business at the top of search results in your area–including on Google Maps.

There's more than one way to skin an SEO.

Isn't that the classic phrase? Well, we know it to be true. By maximizing Local SEO, you’re getting the digital equivalent of opening up shop on the busiest street in town, with a giant spotlight shining right on you. 

Showing up in Google's top results and map sections is this prime real estate.

Armed with this increased visibility, you will see more traffic, engagement, and sales. Unlike traditional SEO, Local SEO focuses on critical tools outside of your website; such as your Google Business Profile (GPB) and third party directories.

While your website is a prime spot to strengthen onsite SEO strategies, to rise to the top of your customer's search results and above the competition, your business requires a multi-faceted approach such as Local SEO.

Anchor Wave
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You're going to notice the difference...

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“I’ve Already Claimed My GBP Listing. Why Do I Need This?”

Find the right Local SEO Agency!

If you’ve already claimed your Google Business Profile, you’re off to a great start with your local SEO! But that’s just the beginning. Optimizing your GBP listing and regularly updating it with posts and images is essential for keeping up visibility. Plus, Google is constantly rolling out new Business Profile features that can connect you to more users through your listing and keep your listing fresh.

There are also several tools outside of the Google Business Profile that make for a successful local SEO campaign. That’s where having a trusted local SEO consultant like the experts at Anchor Wave can make all the difference.

Breaking Down Our Local SEO Service

The truth is, local SEO solutions aren’t super complicated, but they are time-consuming. These solutions are also constantly evolving, so it’s important to have a trusted consultant to stay in tune with current trends and best practices to make the most of your efforts. Our local SEO services include several key tactics that will help you stay a step ahead of your local competition.

Here's what you get:



With local optimization, you can rest assured that your company’s vital details are accurate across the board, providing your customers with the right information at the right time across directories online.

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Google Business Listing Optimization

The optimization of your GBP account puts you in control of connecting with your customers on Google! With constant new feature rollouts, we keep your listing fresh.


Local SEO Citation Building

Citations are mentions of your company around the web that include your company’s information. Why are they important? The more times you’re consistently referenced online, the happier search engines are. Establishing yourself as a credible authority increases traffic to your site.

A laptop displaying the logos of various social medias and search engines


Local SEO Advanced

Just like keeping content fresh and relevant on your site is important for organic onsite SEO, so too is posting regularly on your business listing. Keywords are utilized in the same way, placing markers for users and search engines alike to find your business listing and website. By combining local SEO with a stellar organic onsite SEO plan, you can become a powerhouse of SEO marketing. Improve your local ranking and get in front of the consumers that matter the most: local members of your community. With Local SEO Advanced, we consistently post specially crafted keyword-rich blog posts and photos.

Example of a Google My Business Posts written by Anchor Wave

Are you ready to own your own backyard, dominate local search, and increase organic traffic to your website?

Schedule a consultation with the local SEO experts at Anchor Wave to get started.

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